Addressing Mental Health and Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri

Learn about the organizations & initiatives dedicated to addressing mental health & wellness issues in St. Louis, Missouri.

Addressing Mental Health and Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a hub of nonprofit organizations that are devoted to tackling mental health and wellness issues.


is a collective of families, friends, and individuals whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. Together, they strive for a better life for those with mental illness and provide support, education, and promotion.

The organization focuses on five counties in the area: Charles, Lincoln, Franklin, Warren, and Jefferson. The Louis Mental Health Tax was approved in November 1992 and the board of directors was established in January 1994. Don Cuvo was appointed as the executive director. The Mental Health Board (MHB) not only awards grants but also invests in partnerships with other funders and funds special initiatives to address urgent and emerging community needs. The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) allows Missouri taxpayers to direct their state tax money to the United Way of Greater St.

Louis. Schnucks Rewards members can donate their reward points to NAMI St. Louis when they log in through the app or website. This helps provide support, education, and promotion to thousands of people living with mental illness in Missouri. The Independence Center is another nonprofit organization that helps people with chronic mental illness achieve a healthy, happy, quality life.

The St. Louis Mental Health Board authorized state laws and local electoral initiatives in Missouri to manage public funds earmarked for behavioral health services for children in the city. They also offer educational classes where people can learn about certain mental health conditions, how to support someone in their life who may be suffering from a condition, and how to care for themselves in the midst of those conditions. In addition to these organizations, there are many other resources available to those living with mental illness in St. Louis. These include support groups, counseling services, crisis hotlines, and more.

There are also numerous events held throughout the year that focus on mental health awareness and education. The city of St. Louis is committed to providing resources for those living with mental illness and their families. Through the work of these organizations and initiatives, St. Louis is making strides towards creating a healthier community for all.

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